Victoria Arnstein

Victoria started performing stand up comedy at clubs like Gotham and Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village, Dangerfields and other venues and then moved my family of 5 to Hawaii.

We lived there for 3 years and I thought I would give up on comedy until one day I discovered a group of comedians and I became part of the group shortly after. I was happy to be featured, emcee and eventually headline. I started to produce my own comedy shows and also opened for big names such as Andy Bumatai a living comedy legend at the prestigious venue called Blue Note.

Since moving back to New York City, I have hit the ground running. I run 4 open mics a week at Broadway Comedy Club Tuesdays 3 and 5 pm and Thursdays at 4 pm and Fridays at 330pm. In addition to that, I produce headliner shows as well as Competitions for New Talent. I want to give back and pay it forward as much as I can for new comedians since I am also a comedian.

My humor is based around observation as well as my life and my perspective on life. I try to find the funny in most situations as much as possible. Laughter is one of the pillars of health and I like to exercise that right every day. I pour humor all over something and it tastes a lot better. My goal is to laugh on a daily basis because a day without laughter is a day wasted.